The following general terms and conditions are valid for the use of rental bikes offered by Supermarket d.o.o. (hereand after Nextbike BiH).


  • 1 Jurisdiction of the Terms and Conditions (GTCs)

Nextbike BiH (“provider”) rents bicycles to registered customers (“customer”) as far as the products and services are available.

The general terms and conditions apply to and include usage of the nextbike brands: Nextbike Sarajevo, Nextbike Tuzla. For nextbike systems in countries and cities other than above mentioned nextbike brands, the terms and conditions of the applicable partners apply.

Rentals and returns are possible either via smartphone app, at a rental terminal, or using the customer card

Individual agreements made orally between parties before or during the contractual period, deviating from these GTCs must be approved and confirmed in writing by Nextbike BiH.


  • 2 Registration and confirmation

Application for registration (“application”) is possible either via smartphone app, online on website , at a rental terminal, or in person directly at a cooperation partner’s location. In order to become a registered customer, the applicant must be 18 years of age at the time when the application is approved.

Following receipt of all relevant personal data the provider decides whether or not to accept and approve a business relationship with the applicant. As part of the application process, the provider is authorised to utilise the services of payment partner World Pay to check the creditworthiness of applicant.

Upon registration, the applicant shall receive a personal identification number (PIN) which they may use to log into the smartphone app and online customer account as well as to conclude rental agreements at rental terminals

Following successful registration, the customer may rent nextbike bikes and other bikes from nextbike brands throughout the world. An overview of individual locations may be viewed online at . If the customer wants to rent bikes from different brands as registered, the customer will be informed about the local divergent rates and GTCs. 

For rentals subject to fees, a valid means of payment must be provided prior to the time of rental, or pre-paid credit should be available on customers account.  These fees and the current price list is also available online at

The customer is obliged to inform Nextbike BiH immediately of any changes to their personal information which occur during the business relationship.


  • 3 Terms and Conditions of Use

The rental bikes may not be used:

by persons who are younger than 18 years (unless accompanied by an adult),

to carry other persons in particular young children,

for journeys outside of Bosnia & Herzegovina,

for hiring to third parties,

by individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

If the bikes are used in unfavorable weather conditions, (e.g. strong wind, rainy weather, stormy weather) or any weather conditions that are unfavorable to bike usage.

The customer is obliged to obey all road and traffic laws and regulations.

Freehand (“no-hands”) operation of the bike is not allowed at any time.

It is forbidden to use the bicycle basket in an improper manner or overload it (maximum allowable load: 5 kg).

Unauthorized modifications or alterations to the rental bike are not allowed.

Should unauthorized or improper use of the rental bike be determined, Nextbike BiH is authorized to terminate the business relationship and block the customer from further rentals and usage,

Following the successful return of the rental bike, if the customer wishes to reuse the returned bike they shall be required to initiate a new rental process.

If a customer leaves to bikes to a third party to use it, he/she has to guarantee, that the third party considers our GTC. The customer is responsible for the actions of any third parties authorized to use the bike to the same extent as for his/her own actions. When lending the bike to a third person, he/she must be older than 18 years.


  • 4 Rental Limitations

Unless agreed upon, each customer may rent up to two bikes on one customer account at any one given time. Individual arrangements subject to the availability of rental bikes are possible upon approval by Nextbike BiH.


  • 5 Duration of Rental

The chargeable rental period of a bike begins with the provision of the code for the bicycle lock by Nextbike BiH to the customer or upon automatic unlocking of the fork lock.

The official end of the rental period shall be marked with the receipt of information  from terminal (in case when the bike is is returned to the parking rack), or from customer via mobile app (in case when the bike is locked to another bike). Customer service must be informed about any problems via the service hotline immediately. Notification at a later time will result in any associated recourse claims are deemed to be invalid.


  • 6 Condition of Rental Bikes

Nextbike will strive to keep the bikes in a roadworthy condition.
The customer is in addition obliged to check before use that the bike is in a roadworthy and safe condition. Should the customer determine technical defects or deficiencies at the beginning of, or at any point during, the rental period, he/she should notify Nextbike via phone or e-mail.


  • 7 Parking of the Rental Bikes

The customer is obliged to follow road traffic regulations when parking. Furthermore, he/she must ensure that the bike does not hinder road safety, that other vehicles and/or traffic is not obstructed and that no damage is done to third parties or their property. The kickstand is to be used every time that the bicycle is parked and the bike is to be placed in the provided bike racks at the rental station when available/applicable.

In particular, it is not allowed to park rental bikes permanently or temporary

on walkways which are thereby reduced to a width of less than 1.50 meters

in front of, in or near emergency exits and fire department service zones

where the bike covers local advertisements

to lock the bike at fences of private or public buildings

on train and bus platforms

in buildings, backyards/ courtyards or within any type of vehicles at any time.

The rental bike must be locked properly when not in use, even if the customer leaves the bike unattended for a short time.

The renting customer shall be responsible for payment of any official fines and/or claims on the part of any third parties incurred as a result of non-compliance with these regulations or legal regulations.

The client shall not be allowed to park the bikes permanently in parks /green spaces or on private property.


  • 8 Returning of Rental Bikes

The bike must be returned so that it is clearly visible at one of the official Nextbike locations published online (or in the app).

When returning a bicycle, the user is required to park in one of the official nextbike stations in such a way that the bicycle is pushed into the rack until the beeps sound and lock the bike with the mechanical lock. The bike must be locked with a mechanical lock and the lock code must be different from the one the customer received at the beginning of the rental.

If there are no free available racks on the station, the user is required to lock the bike to another bike and manually finish the rental using mobile application or Nextbike terminal. If the user does not finish the rental using mobile app or nextbike terminal, Nextbike BiH is not obliged to refund the cost incurred by improper return of the bicycle.

The customer must be able to provide information about returning of bicycles to Nextbike BiH upon request for a period of 48 hours following the rental period.

Should the customer not return the bike at official Nextbike station, provide false information or forget to return the bicycle entirely, Nextbike BiH has right to charge the customer in accordance with the current price list as published at


  • 9 Responsibility of Nextbike BiH, Responsibility of the customer

The customer uses the bike at his own risk. The customer assumes full responsibility for the damages he has caused himself, as well as the liability for any other damage caused by the customer and / or third parties, including damages caused by possessing dangerous things during rental period.

The customer is liable from the moment of receiving the lock code until Nextbike BiH has checked the successfully returned rental bike or the bike has been rented by another customer.

In case of recognized damage, the customer will be informed by the Nextbike BiH company. The customer is not made liable for damages that the company did not inform the customer about in between 48 hours after the rental.

The customer is liable for damages for a period of 48 hours after the rental time according to the specific material and labor costs. This is not void for damages caused by gross negligence or theft.

If from the moment of receiving the lock code until nextbike has checked the successfully returned rental bike or the bike has been rented by another customer the bicycle is stolen or the damage that cannot be repaired occurs, the customer is required to compensate the equivalent of stolen/destroyed bike.

3) The customer is made liable for all costs and damages that occur due to contraventions against the duty to cooperate.

5) Nextbike BiH is not liable for damages of items transported with the bicycle in case of improper use.

6) Nextbike BiH is not liable for damages for the customer, if the bike is used contrary to this General Terms and Conditions.

7) If the bicycle is stolen during the rental period, the customer must inform Nextbike BiH at the earliest possible date of the theft to the phone number +387 28 21 29 and the nearest police station or the nearest police officer he sees at the time of theft.


  • 10 Customer Obligations in Case of Accident

Nextbike BiH must be informed of accidents immediately. In cases of accidents involving not only the user, but also third-party property or other persons, the customer is also obliged to report the incident to the police immediately. Failure to do so on the part of the customer shall result in the customer being liable for damages incurred by Nextbike BiH owing to infringement of said obligation.




  • 13 Confidentiality of User Information

The customer is responsible for preventing unauthorized use of the customer’s user data by third parties. This applies, in particular, to their personalized PIN/password. 

Nextbike BiH expressly states that nextbike employees are not authorized to and will never request or ask for the customer password.

The customer may change the personal data anytime and as often as he/she wants.

Should the customer have reason to believe that his/her user data has been compromised or misused, they are to inform Nextbike BiH of this fact immediately.

The customer may deactivate their customer account by means of written notification sent to Nextbike BiH ( 


  • 14 Misuse and Exclusion

Nextbike BiH is entitled, in cases of due reason and in particular in cases of misuse, to cancel customer rights and thereby exclude customers from using Nextbike BiH services and bicycles.


  • 15 Fees, Prices and Calculations

Nextbike’s calculation of all fees and services shall be charged on the basis of the prices valid at the beginning of each individual use of bicycle. Rental fees are to be taken from the current price list (available at ).

Special rates and benefits (Free minutes, reduced price ) or gift certificates are valid for one bicycle per rental.

Cancellation of special rate agreements can be done by sending a written request  to email address:

Cancellation of special rate agreements does not result in the automatic deactivation of a customer account with nextbike BiH.
Should the customer wish to deactivate an account, this may be done by providing written notification via Email to


  • 16 Payment and Delayed Payment

The customer is obligated to pay the debts by means of credit card or on Nextbike BiH bank account or cash at point of sale of Nextbike partners.

Should it be impossible to process a direct debit due to insufficient funds in the customer’s account or for other reasons for which the customer is responsible, Nextbike BiH is authorized to demand the entire claim and to discontinue its service/deactivate customers account until the customer meets his/her obligations.

Validity of the Nextbike credit that customer gets on his account by registration is 12 months from the date of payment. After the expiration of the credit period, Nextbike BiH has the right to deactivate the user's account and delete the remaining nextbike credit.


  • 17 Billing, Rental Lists, Controlling

Nextbike BiH charges its customers according to the current rate and price list as available at  
Finalized rental processes (including costs and time periods) may be viewed by the customer in their account at and in the app.

Debiting of the customer’s account occurs automatically. Nextbike BiH does reserve the right, however, to demand payment by customers either per telephone or in written form.

Objections to debited charges must be submitted in writing to Nextbike BiH within 14 days of processed payment.


  • 18 Termination and Deletion of Customer Information

Both contractual partners may properly terminate the contractual relationship at any time. The customer may deactivate their customer account by means of written notification sent to Nextbike BiH via email to:



  • 19 Privacy Policy

Nextbike BiH collects, stores and uses customers’ personal data, where it is necessary to fulfill its contractual obligations or the realization of the contract between the customer and nextbike or to fulfill any other legal duty. Nextbike BiH is obligated to use that data only in compliance with the provisions set forth in the Bosnia Herzegovina Data Protection Law and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Nextbike BiH is entitled to disclose information about the customer to investigating authorities and to the necessary extent, in particular the customer’s address, should proceedings be initiated against the customer for a civil or criminal offence.

For the purpose of payment, the customer’s payment data will be transferred to our payment-partners for verification and accounting of the rental fees. Following the registration process, this data is no longer visible to employees of Nextbike BiH.

Further information regarding the use, administration and processing of personal information may be viewed in our Privacy Policy (online at





Service Hotline: +387 33 28 21 29